If you’re hurt in an animal attack, a trucking collision, a bicycle wreck, a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or hit by a drunk driver, you probably have a personal injury claim.

Insurance adjusters are taught to withhold information from you.

If you’re hurt, you can pick the doctors you want to see.  Your own family doctor is a good starting point if you didn’t already go to the ER or an urgent care immediately after you were hurt. You can always go to your doctor even if the ER sends you to a specialist.

If you have health insurance, ALWAYS use it to pay for your medical care. That’s the safest way to get your bills paid and get the treatment you need.

If you provider won’t bill your health insurance, ask them to explain, in writing, why they aren’t doing that. There are ways we can work with them if they do this, but everyone MUST be on the same page at the beginning of your treatment, so we make sure the providers are following the law and not jeopardizing any part of your claim.

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