Being hurt in a car accident is bad enough, but finding out later that you were tricked into missing out on things you were entitled to recover, literally adds insult to injury.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, even if you don’t hire a lawyer, you at least need to consult one before you do anything else. Contact us by clicking here to use our Internet contact form, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free, no-risk consultation.

Why is this consultation so critical? Because you get one bite at the apple. If you find out the day after you settled your case that you need surgery due to the accident, or if the medication that was giving you relief wears off and you need months of physical therapy, you’re almost certainly out of luck.  That’s especially true if you signed a release. One the case is settled, it’s settled FOREVER. There’s no going back.

No one can predict the future, so even the best lawyers can’t tell you everything that MIGHT happen.  However, insurance companies train their adjusters to leave out critical details and to rush you to settle so that that they can limit their payment to you.  That’s the one and only think they care about.

Will have you liens to pay off you didn’t know about? Were you entitled to punitive damages? Did you have to use their body shop for your car repair? Do you owe money to Medicare or Medicaid?  Could you have gotten more treatment?

Those are questions that an insurance adjuster simply isn’t going to explain, and if they do, the explanation will be twisted to benefit them, not to provide you with knowledge.

Contact us for the full truth. Don’t make a decision with half the information you need. Let us help.

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