If you’ve been hurt in a collision with a semi or other commercial vehicle, you’re lucky to be alive. You may also have family or friends who killed by a truck. Either way, you have a lot on your mind.

Sadly, in today’s world, that’s when the trucking company and its experts and adjusters strike again.

They know you’re going through treatment, or possibly grieving the death of a loved one. They take that opportunity to destroy incriminating evidence, or to manufacture evidence that helps them.

Satellite data, GPS tracking information, eyewitness testimony, log books, “black box” information from the truck itself, all can be altered to help the trucking company and to hurt or destroy your claim.

That’s why we’re here to act fast. Our lawyers know how to contact the trucking companies immediately and warn them what evidence to preserve, how to catalog it, and how to keep it safe for review until our own experts can look at it.

We have experts across the U.S. to help us review these materials and maximize your claim, and we know when and how to use which experts to get the most value for you.

Our lawyers have decades of experience in handling these claims, including getting seven-figure results for our clients in previous cases. Click here for a list of some of those results. Not every case is the same, but every trucking case needs to be quickly reviewed so evidence, and your claim, can be protected.

Contact us today by clicking our Internet link here, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free, no-risk consultation. We’ve got your back.

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