Unless you need to go to the emergency room or an urgent care right after you have an injury, your first consultation should be your family doctor. That should happen before you talk to a lawyer, and certainly before you talk to an insurance adjuster, because your health is far more important than your claim. Your first goal always has to be getting better with the help of a doctor you trust. Sometimes after a car wreck, animal attack, or other type of injury, you may  need to immediately seek medical help; so do that, and of course follow the directions you’re given at an ER or urgent care. But your personal doctor knows you best, and you should immediately set an appointment to see them.

At the Miller Law Group, two of our first questions are “do you have a primary care doctor?” and “what did they say about your injuries and treatment?” Our personal injury attorneys know that you have to work with your doctors to get better, and that treatment is going to be your most important goal, in addition to being the foundation of your claim.

Our firm will give you suggestions on where to get treatment if you don’t already have a regular doctor, but you have to decide who to see and how to follow up. If you have a lawyer who demands you see a certain doctor, you need to get another lawyer. If you consult a doctor who won’t see you because you have a personal injury claim, you need to get another doctor. Our lawyers have handled cases like yours for decades, and have taken over 100 of them to trial. Contact us today for a free consultation, but call your doctor first. We want to help, but we want you to get better.

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