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Kurt grew up in Westlake Hills, California, but spent his high school years in Herndon, Virginia, where he was Quarterback and Team Captain of his high school  football team.  He also ran track and was the Captain of the track team as well.

After high school, Kurt attended the United States Naval Academy where he majored in Oceanography and was a starting defensive back on the football team.

After  graduating  from  the Naval Academy  in 1984,  Kurt  served  in the United States Marine Corps as an artillery officer for five years and achieved the rank of Captain. While in the Marine  Corps, Kurt was awarded the Navy  Achievement  Medal for “superior performance of duty” and served in a special weapons unit that required a Top-Secret clearance.

After his service in the Marine Corps, Kurt attended law school at the University of California at Davis where he served as Research Editor on the Law Review. After graduation, Kurt joined the prestigious defense law firm of Bronson, Bronson, and McKinnon in San Francisco, California, where he litigated product liability cases for defendant corporations such as Cessna Aircraft, Bic Lighter, and Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing. Kurt soon realized that he would much rather represent people instead of corporations. In 1998, Kurt made the switch and has been representing people that have been injured by the negligence of other