After you’ve been hurt in a car accident or trucking collision, you may wonder how long your claim will take to resolve. The truth is, it can take quite a while.

Many lawyers won’t tell you what to expect, but at the Miller Law Group, we believe in giving our clients the best estimates we can as to how long a case will take to either settle or go to trial.

Typically, we have to wait until you’re done with all your medical treatment before we can proceed, because we need to everything you could be entitled to as part of your claim. You get “one bite at the apple”: once you have a settlement or a final judgment, the case is closed. That’s why it’s critical to know what the future is likely to hold for your medical conditions before resolving the case.

Most cases do not have to be filed as lawsuits, but some do, and some of those have to go to trial. The vast majority of lawyers, even “personal injury lawyers” don’t go to trial. The lawyers at the Miller Law Group have over 100 jury trials between them, so they know how to evaluate cases for filing and trial, and they know how to prepare them.

Depending on where your case has to filed, the court’s schedule can also slow or speed up a trial date. Some counties have very few sessions of court, so even though the case may be otherwise ready, it can take months to have it heard. The experienced trial lawyers of the Miller Law Group have combined experience of over 50 years, and they know how to manage the timing and delays of litigation to your advantage, using the extra time for more focus groups and reminding the defense that interest is accruing on any final judgment in your favor.

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