If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, trucking collision, or otherwise hurt by someone’s negligence, you may need medical treatment. You may also have a personal injury claim against that person and their insurance company. If you are hurt here are the five most important things to do for yourself and your claim:

  1. Follow your doctor’s orders
  2. Follow your doctor’s orders
  3. Follow your doctor’s orders
  4. Follow your doctor’s orders
  5. Follow your doctor’s orders

Getting the treatment you need is simply the most important thing if you’re injured. We want to help you with your claim, but most of all we want to see you get better.

At the Miller Law Group, our lawyers will NEVER tell you to get treatment you don’t need or want. Those choices should always be up to you and your doctors. We’ll tell you how we think an adjuster or jury will react to your injuries and treatment, but getting healthy again has to be your number one goal.

Other lawyers may try to drive up the value of your claim by suggesting treatment you may not need. We’ve found that juries can spot that, and they don’t like it. So we counsel our clients to get the treatment they need: no more, no less. That’s over 50 years and more than 100 jury trials speaking.

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