Have you been injured in a car wreck or trucking collision?  Do you have questions about liens from medical providers or your own health insurance?  The Raleigh personal injury attorneys at the Miller Law Group are here to help answer these questions for victims of car wrecks and trucking collisions.  As you already know, liens on personal injury claims for car wrecks and trucking collisions can be hard to resolve.  These liens can significantly decrease any amount of compensation you get from an insurance company following a car wreck or trucking collision.

To cut straight to the point, medical providers can place a lien on your recovery, whether it’s a settlement or a jury verdict, and you may have to pay them tens of thousands of dollars.  This is because you’re entitled to recover money for your medical expenses as part of your claim for injuries from a car wreck, a trucking collision, or other types of personal injury claims.  In North Carolina, you’ll nearly always want to have your own health insurance pay your medical bills up front, so that the bills don’t end up affecting your credit, because cases like these can take time to resolve.  The other person’s insurance company may even tell you that they will take care of your bills, but the truth is, they aren’t going to pay ANYTHING until you settle your case, and it can be very, very dangerous to settle before your medical treatment is completed.  Your doctor and your lawyer need to tell you when it’s time to resolve your case, because they have your best interests at heart.  The insurance company just wants to close the file and pay as little as possible.

If you have health insurance through a public system, like Medicare, Medicaid, or the North Carolina State Employees’ Healthcare Plan, those plans have automatic liens on anything you recover.  Private plans for many companies have plans controlled by Federal statutes that give them a contractual right of recovery. Failure to respect these liens and rights can seriously hurt your settlement and your health insurance coverage.

One way that our award-winning attorneys have your back is by negotiating with your health insurance plans to maximize your recovery and to make sure your coverage is safe after the settlement.  We get everything in writing, and often spend almost as much time dealing with these liens as we do fighting with the automobile insurance companies.  If you have been injured in a car wreck, trucking collision, or have another personal injury claim, contact the Raleigh, North Carolina attorneys at the Miller Law Group today for a free consultation.  Our attorneys have decades of experience in fighting for our clients, and they know how to fight for you.  If we don’t get you a recovery, there is no fee.  Contact us.  We’ve got your back.