Personal injury claims from car accidents and trucking collisions sometimes have to go to trial. North Carolina’s insurance companies are not required to negotiate in good faith on personal injury claims, and they take advantage of that to devalue your claim and push you to settle before you’re even done with treatment.

Fewer and fewer lawyers will take a case to trial, and the insurance companies know that. However, the lawyers at the Miller Law Group are not afraid to try a case, and they’re not afraid of a jury. Why? For two reasons.

First, our lawyers have tried over 100 jury cases between them. Second, our firm uses focus groups regularly to evaluate cases and listen to the way that real people look at personal injury claims.

We’ll try to negotiate your case if we can, but if we can’t get you a reasonable settlement, we’ll take the case to trial, explain it to the jury, and then the jury can whack the insurance company.”

Firm founder Stacy Miller says, “we see the jury as our partners in getting our clients the recovery they deserve. Focus groups show us how the jury sees the case, and what they want to hear.”

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