If you’ve been hurt in a car wreck, whether with another passenger vehicle or a commercial vehicle or tractor-trailer, you’re likely to need help against the defendant’s insurance company.

The moment you’re hurt, liability insurance companies start the process of trying to minimize your recovery and pressuring you into settling for too little money, too soon.

Your own auto policy may have coverage you can use (which you have PAID FOR), but they can treat you as poorly as the defendant’s company. Your own health insurance may try to enforce liens against your recovery that they may not even have.

The personal injury lawyers at the Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience in fighting for our clients in claims just like yours. With over 100 jury trials between us, the insurance companies know that we’re not afraid to “put 12 in the jury box and go to work.” We know their tactics, but they barely suspect ours. Click here to contact us today, or call 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.  We’re the Miller Law Group, and we’ve got your back.

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