After you’re involved in an accident with a semi or 18 wheeler, you may be facing an uncertain future. The injuries you could suffer in this kind of accident can range significantly from head trauma to full paralysis. The impact of such a heavy vehicle on a passenger vehicle simply can’t be diffused, and no matter how safe you are in your vehicle, a large vehicle colliding with you puts your life at risk.

When a driver hits you, it’s important to make sure you hold that person liable for your injuries. Trucking companies have to follow several federal regulations, and if the driver violated any, then both the company and driver may be at fault for your accident. For instance, a vehicle driven by a trucker can only be driven for 11 hours a day when it’s carrying property, or it can be driven for 10 if people are inside. Drivers are also required to take breaks during the day to make sure they’re getting enough rest. After eight hours on the road, the driver has to take at least 30 minutes off in most cases.

These regulations are in place to prevent a driver’s fatigue from impacting your safety. If a driver doesn’t get enough sleep or rest, then he or she can be drowsy and make mistakes that won’t be easy to rectify.

Whether you’ve been hit by a truck that didn’t slow down for stopped traffic or were involved in a crash when a truck jackknifed, it’s important that you speak up for your rights and get the compensation you need. Our website has more information.