Even a minor car wreck can be be a huge hassle.  Getting estimates done for your vehicle’s damage, informing your own insurance company, and scheduling and handling a rental vehicle while your car is repaired are just a few of the problems.  When you add the need for medical treatment to that list, it’s easy to see how the process can become overwhelming.

Even a relatively straight-forward claim on a “smaller” wreck without much treatment can take weeks or even months to resolve.  If a car wreck or trucking collision leaves you with more significant injuries, the case can take months or perhaps years, depending on what kind of treatment you need and how long it takes.  You don’t want to sign away your case before you and your healthcare providers have decided what treatment you need, and until you’ve had a chance to get that treatment and heal.

However, almost no healthcare providers in North Carolina will bill the other driver’s automobile insurance carrier after a car wreck, and even if they do, there’s almost no chance that company will pay for your treatment until you have signed away your case.  Settling your car wreck case too quickly will prevent you from being compensated for treatment later on, even if your doctors say it’s related to the wreck.  That’s why it’s important to use your health insurance when you start your treatment, so that your bills don’t end up being sent to collections.  If you have deductibles and co-pays, it’s best to set up a payment plan in the event that those amounts are going to put you in a bind financially. Deductibles and co0pays can also be handled with your medical payments coverage.

The attorneys at Miller Law Group can help you understand the best way to use your health insurance and your medical payments coverage (if you have it) to protect your credit while you try to get better from your injuries.  If you or someone you care about has been involved in a car wreck or a collision with a truck or other commercial vehicle, contact the Miller Law Group through our website, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.  We’re here to help.