Drunk drivers cause some of the worst accidents, and most catastrophic injuries, on our highways.

That’s because a drunk driver doesn’t have the judgment to understand how fast they’re going, whether they’re on the wrong side of the road, or if they’re on the road at all.

If you’re going the speed limit of 70 on a major highway, and a drunk driver is doing 90 coming at you in the wrong lane, the impact speed could be over 150 miles per hour.

That kind of force is simply more than most cars can protect you from.

From the moment an insurance company learns that the defendant caused a wreck while they were drunk, the race is on to get you to settle.

The adjuster is trained to get you a rental car fast, to try and resolve the property damage on your car, and to start making suggestions about covering (some of) your medical bills, all so you’ll think they’re working WITH you, instead of AGAINST you. But it’s just not true.

The adjuster doesn’t want you to think about future medical expenses, future lost income, and future pain and suffering. They definitely don’t want you to think about punitive damages, and many adjusters don’t even know when you CAN get punitive damages. They certainly don’t understand how or when health insurance liens work, which can gut your recovery after you’ve signed away your rights.

The personal injury lawyers at the Miller Law Group will explain ALL of that to you, and we’ll shut down the efforts of the insurance carrier to close your claim before you know all the facts and understand everything you can recover. You focus on working with your doctors to get over your injuries; let us fight the insurance company for you and protect your claims.

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