Dealing with insurance adjusters can be frustrating under the best circumstances. If you’re trying to deal with damage to your vehicle, and handle your claim for personal injuries, you an be pushed into a corner before you know it.

Insurance adjusters are trained to initially sound helpful and caring, but their first contacts with you are designed to make you put your trust in them, even though they are working against you from the start.

Remember: you don’t have to talk to an insurance adjuster for a liability carrier. You want to give them enough information to get your property damage claim rolling, and perhaps tell them that you have been injured (if you were) and that you’re getting treatment (if you are.) If the adjusters start talking about timing, and how they need to wrap up the case, ask them to confirm the statute of limitations in writing. That usually cools them down.

If you’re up against an adjuster for a car accident, motorcycle wreck, bicycling collision, or have another personal injury claim, you don’t have to deal with adjusters: contact the Miller Law Group by clicking here or calling 919-348-4361 for a free consultation. We stop the calls from the insurance adjuster and have their communication redirected to our office. Remember too, you only pay us if we get you a recovery. Contact us today: we’ve got your back.

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