Drinking and driving is incredibly dangerous for people on the roads. As someone who’s been involved in a drunk-driving accident, you’re probably looking at ways to make sure you’re compensated for your injuries. On top of that, you may be interested in knowing about how the driver will be prevented from getting into a drunk driving accident again.

If you’re struck by an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle, the impact can be devastating. These drivers are also under strict regulations that prevent them from drinking and driving on the job. It’s unlawful for them to drink at all in North Carolina, because the state has a zero tolerance law. If you’re struck by a drunk commercial driver, the driver may be banned from driving a commercial vehicle, while a second violation is required to ban the person from driving any vehicle. If the driver is a habitual offender, the charge turns into a felony and can result in time behind bars.

If you’re concerned about the driver who hit you getting back on the road, you may be able to discuss testifying or presenting your injuries in court to make sure justice is served on your behalf. To obtain the compensation you want, you won’t need to attend the criminal trial. Instead, you can make a civil claim through an insurance agent or by suing the driver directly.

When you file a civil lawsuit, you’re asking for compensation. You’ll need to present medical information and the history of the event to the court. If the driver has already been convicted, this can help you win the settlement you want.

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