If you have a personal injury claim from falling, being in a car wreck, suffering an animal attack, or another reason, you may have more to worry about than the liability insurance company.  As discussed in other articles, if you are injured and need medical treatment, it’s always best to have your health insurance pay for that treatment (unless it’s a workers’ compensation claim, in which case your employer’s workers compensation coverage should pay.)  However, many public and private health insurance plans have a right to some type of reimbursement, depending on the plan.  If you don’t repay them, some of them can and will sue you to recover what they think they are owed.  Others may simply withhold benefits until they determine that they have been reimbursed.  Government health insurance plans, including plans for municipal, state, and Federal employees almost always have such a right.  If you have Medicare, Medicare or Tricare, those plans have an absolute right of recovery, but each has various limitations.  Private and corporate plans vary widely as to what they can and cannot do.

Then a second problem comes up: some of these companies use outside, third-party companies to pursue their reimbursements for your health insurance plan.  However, at least one such company that operates across the United States has been found guilty of fraud, by claiming that its employees were attorneys when they were not.  Such companies also often claim to have authority to pursue claims when they do not have that authority, and often attempt to obtain payment when the underlying health insurance plan does NOT have a right to any reimbursement. North Carolina’s Administrative Code forbids reimbursement of health insurance plans unless another law specifically grants the plan such a right. The attorneys at the Miller Law Group have fought these and other attempts at fraud for over two decades, and know how to help you.

Don’t be a victim of fraud. An experienced lawyer can help you protect your compensation and your rights.  You may even have a claim against these outside companies that work for your health insurance company. In fact, pursuing such a claim may even help the company you work for, by letting your human resource department know that they may be involved with a dishonest outside vendor.  If you have questions about your recovery, or about whether you really owe money to your health insurance plan, contact the Miller Law Group for a free evaluation of your case.  Even if you know your health insurance plan definitely has a right to recovery, we may be able to help you negotiate a better outcome.  Don’t be a victim of fraud.  Let the Miller Law Group protect your rights, and the rights of others that may end up in the same situation.