North Carolina’s Car Accident Law Firm Explains: A Car Wreck in Lumberton Isn’t the Same as One in Wilson

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If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, motorcycle wreck, or trucking collision, you need lawyers who know that the town or county where you got hurt is critical to understanding your case.

Your first concern after being hurt in any kind of motor vehicle accident is to get the treatment you need.

Next, however, you need to get the facts from experienced lawyers who know what insurance companies are hiding from you.

What’s more, you need lawyers who aren’t afraid to take a case to trial, and who know what jurors in different counties may think about your case.

Our lawyers have over 100 trials between them. Additionally, they conduct focus groups in the counties where you’re hurt. Jurors in Wilmington or Wilson may not know about road conditions around Lumberton. Like jurors in Fayetteville may not know about a particularly dangerous intersection in Beaufort.

By talking to people in the actual community, we get an idea of what a jury will think about your case before we actually walk into the courtroom. That’s our proven way of giving your case an edge.

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