North Carolina law gives insurance companies incredible protections, and incredible advantages. Our laws do NOT give you the same protections or advantages.

If you want protection, you HAVE to know the law.  If you want advantages, you MUST have that knowledge, and you may need a lawyer.  If you need a lawyer, you need the Miller Law Group. Contact us by clicking here or call us at 919-348-4361, for a free, no-risk consultation.

If someone else hurts you in a car accident, no matter how serious the injury is, your claim for compensation is called a “third party claim.” Automobile insurance contracts are between two parties: the company and their insured (the insured is the defendant in a personal injury/ car accident claim.) You are not a party to that contract, so you’re a “third party.”

North Carolina law only requires that an insurance adjuster cannot lie to you. They can withhold information, create false impressions, and pressure you to act against your own self-interest, and it’s all legal.

Insurance companies often fail to tell you what you are really entitled to:

  1. Can you get future medical expenses covered?
  2. Are you entitled to extra compensation for scarring?
  3. What is the actual time limitation for your claim?
  4. Does is mean anything when the adjuster says they are “closing the file?” (The answer is “no”, but this is the #1 way they try to trick you into settling too soon.)
  5. Are you entitled to punitive damages, and are you entitled to punitive damages for damage just to your car?
  6. Do you have to use mechanics or doctors that the insurance company refers you to?
  7. Can you recover lost value from the property damage to your car?
  8. Is your health insurance going to demand reimbursement from your claim?
  9. What happens with money paid for any minor children with you?

These are all questions you need complete answers to, especially because the answers can change based on the facts of your case. What you can recover, how much you can get, and what happens as a result of the recovery (including who may have to be paid back) all vary from case to case, and insurance companies train their adjusters to leave out or skew as much of that information as possible. Their only goal is to pay as little as possible and get our of your claim.

Our Personal Injury Practice Group as over 50 years of combined experience in handling personal injury claims. We know these questions and the answers, and we’re here to share that information with you. Contact us today for a free consultation. We are not a volume firm, so we only take those cases where we really think we can make a difference for our client. Get the answers. Be a warrior, not a victim.

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