If you’re hurt in a car accident and you need medical treatment, you should use your health insurance to pay your bills.

It’s that simple.  Sometimes, your healthcare provide can’t get those bills paid by health insurance, but they need to tell you why.

The problem is, after a car accident, the defendant’s insurance company isn’t going to explain what happens when your health insurance pays those bills.

If your health insurance doesn’t pay the bills, the car insurance is going to try and take reductions that WOULD have happened if the bills had been paid (they aren’t allowed to do this.) They won’t explain why, but they will often claim that they are entitled to this by law, but that’s not the case.

They may even try to convince you that if your health insurance didn’t pay the bills, you can’t claim the bill at all as part of your damages.  Again, not true.

Finally, they won’t explain that, if your health insurance DID pay the bills, and they DO have rights to be reimbursed from your settlement, you ALSO have rights that are often ONLY triggered if you have a lawyer.

You could easily end up losing some or most of your recovery when you don’t have to. All because the defendant’s car insurance company withheld information, and didn’t care that they often don’t know what they’re talking about.

Our top-rated personal injury lawyers have been working on cases like yours, and dealing with health insurance liens and subrogation plans from public and private health insurance for a combined FIFTY years. We know when you have to pay, and we know how to make sure you don’t pay any more than you have to, so you get the most you can from your settlement or verdict.

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