A whistleblower is an individual, or individuals, that reports or exposes activity that is illegal, corrupt or unethical.  Such activities can be as simple as violations of company policies, or it can be as serious as fraud, corruption, or threats to public interests.

When reporting wrongful activity, whistleblowers risk retaliation from those accused of the wrongdoing, which is often their own employer.  Some of types of retaliation whistleblowers face include: loss of employment, reduction is pay, loss of promotions, harassment and other types of discrimination.

To protect whistleblowers, the federal government and many state governments have enacted whistleblower protection laws.

For example, North Carolina has many state employment laws that protect employees who are retailed against for reporting certain types illegal activity.  Similarly, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia have enacted state False Claims Acts, like the federal FCA, to protect whistleblowers who report fraud against the government.

Before becoming a whistleblower, it is important to consult with an experienced whistleblower lawyer to protect your rights.

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