How long do personal injury claims take?  No matter how you were hurt, this is a reasonable question. The fact is, it really depends on your injury. If a lawyer promises you a specific time to resolve your claim before you have even hired them, you should run for the hills. It’s nearly impossible to predict timing exactly at the beginning of claim, but even a “straightforward” car wreck claim with not much treatment can take months to resolve. Lots of things affect how long your claim takes:

◎  The kind of medical treatment you need, how long it takes, and how well you get over your injuries

◎  Pre-existing medical conditions that will prolong or complicate your treatment

◎  Can the case settle without litigation, or we will have to file a lawsuit to get you a fair recovery

◎  If the claim has to be filed as a lawsuit, the county in which we file may have a huge effect on timing

◎  Unknowable factors: You have a second injury, a hurricane closes the courthouse for months, etc.

If a lawyer doesn’t inform you about these potential issues, they don’t know what they’re doing, or they’re just sweet talking to sign your case. The “simplest” cases usually aren’t, and they can take months to resolve. A complex case with multiple defendants, long-term treatment, or complicated medical treatment can take more than a year. If a case is filed as a lawsuit, you should count on at least a year from the date it’s filed until you’re in front of a jury.

The Miller Law Group offers free consultations for personal injury claims, and we don’t take every case that comes in: we actually turn down more than we sign. We’ll also do our best to let you know how long your case will last. That will only be an estimate, but we’ll keep you updated along the way and let you know when changes happen that affect the timing. We know the limitations periods for your claim, we know how to move it along, and we have the experience and commitment to get it done. Contact us today for a free consultation. We’re the Miller Law Group, and we’ve got your back.

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