After a car wreck, North Carolina does not require good faith or fair dealing from the defendant’s insurance company.

These companies can lie by omission: leaving out information and suggesting things that aren’t true. Here are their Big Three tricks to pay you less than your claim is worth:

♦︎They get you a rental vehicle. How is this trick? You’re actually not entitled to a rental, but to a type of money damage called “loss of use.” The companies pay less under contracts with car rental companies than they would pay for loss of use, so they save money. This also creates the impression that they’re reasonable and on your side.

♦︎They offer to pay your bills. BUT, they don’t tell you that if THEY don’t like the treatment you get, or they think the doctor charged too much, they won’t pay the bill, or at least won’t pay it in full, leaving you holding the bag. If it’s too late to file the bill with your health insurance, this trick could leave you OWING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

♦︎They send you a letter saying they are going to “close the file.” This usually comes if 30 days pass without talking to the you. They don’t tell you what the REAL statutory time limits are for your case, so you think that if you don’t settle quickly, you’ll miss out or lose the claim completely. Sometimes, they are so dishonest as to tell you the real statutory limit, but still say they are closing their file, to make you think they can overturn or ignore the law (but they can’t).

These companies set you up: they appear reasonable, encourage you to get treatment, and then apply pressure by misleading you through misinformation and misdirection.

DO NOT KID YOURSELF: the insurance companies pull these tricks every day, no matter how large or small the case is.

In the U.S. each year, there are nearly six million automobile crashes.  If the insurance industry cheats people out of only one thousand dollars per crash, their profits increase by SIX BILLION DOLLARS annually. That’s the motive to mislead you.

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