If you’re hurt in a car accident, you probably already know you’re fighting against the defendant’s insurance company, so you have to be careful.

However, if you’re hurt by a semi truck or other commercial vehicle, you’re fighting against the whole trucking industry, and the “safety department” of the company that owns that truck.

It’s like a boxer walking into the ring only to find the other guy brought his three bigger, tougher brothers, and you’re going to have to fight them all alone.

But that’s when we get in the ring with you.

Our lawyers have 50 years of experience with cases like this. In one of the largest trucking cases in North Carolina history, a hit-and-run tractor trailer collision left an innocent man to die on the highway. A witness saw the truck’s logo. The company is huge, with hundreds of tractors and tens of thousands of trailers. They advertise GPS tracking on every unit they have, but they told us that, oddly, NONE of their units on I-95 in North Carolina that day had that information. Either they lied on their website, or they destroyed the evidence and lied to us. We fought them for two years for the client, with them denying it was even their truck despite four eyewitnesses.  But then the defendants settled the case on the first day of trial for a seven-figure settlement.

Don’t let the trucking industry trick you into throwing in the towel: let us help you get the recovery you deserve. Contact us by clicking here or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.

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