If you’re hurt in a trucking collision, you probably didn’t have a chance to collect much evidence at the scene.

Most trucking collisions involve severe injuries and the need for EMS transport to an ER.  So you’re not alone if you’ve been hurt in one of these.

But if you’ve been in a wreck with a big rig, you need help pulling together all the information you can quickly.

Commercial vehicles have “black boxes” like you’ve heard about on airplanes. They’re called electronic control modules (ECMs) and they preserve a huge amount of data. Truck speeds, tire pressure, maintenance history, physical location, braking data, and more information can be downloaded from these boxes by an expert who knows what they’re doing.  But it can also be downloaded and then destroyed by the trucking company’s own experts.

That’s why you need an attorney to push back as soon as possible after a wreck like this. After we present a legal warning to the trucking company to preserve that evidence, they have to keep it or risk potential sanctions. In some cases, you may even have a whole second claim against the company if it destroys the evidence. We have our own experts to obtain and evaluate that black box data as well.

Our lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in handling cases like this, and we have the results to back up that experience. Contact us today through our website by clicking here or by calling us at 919-348-4361.  We’ve got your back.

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