The trucking industry is organized to complicate, de-value, and, if possible, ignore your claims following an accident with a big rig. You have to be ready to fight back.

Trucking companies have “safety directors” who are supposed to have policies and procedures in place to make their trucking fleet safe.

But those same people are also the ones who mobilize their resources against you as soon as you’re hurt. Their drivers are trained to call in to the company’s hotline the moment they have a wreck, so they have real-time assistance at the scene that no one else has access to.  It’s basically like the truck driver has their own personal insurance adjuster riding around with them.

While you’re trying to deal with your injuries or get your family help, the truck driver is being told how to document the scene, what information to get, how to get witnesses to leave before talking to an officer, and taking other steps to make you claim harder.

Our lawyers have seen this conduct for over 50 years of combined experience with trucking cases: disappearing log books, witness information that’s “lost”, GPS data that’s advertised on the company’s website but someone isn’t available for the truck that hit you.  You frankly wouldn’t believe what the industry tries to pull.

But we know how to fight back. We work fast to gather evidence and find witnesses, get critical data to experts, and use focus groups to make your case a fortress.  That’s because, while your case may ultimately settle, from the moment you hire us, we’re not thinking about how to settle: we’re thinking about how to fight for you.

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