If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you have to be careful when talking to an insurance adjuster.

North Carolina law allows the insurance industry to get away with shenanigans most other states prohibit

Insurance adjusters can’t directly lie to you, but they can omit lots of information.

They don’t have to tell you:

★ The actual statute of limitations for your case

You can pick your own doctors

★ Whether you need to see a doctor immediately after your injury

★ Whether you are entitled to punitive damages

★ Whether you are entitled to future damages

★ Whether they will resolve liens and subrogation against your recovery

★ Whether you can recover punitive damages for your property damage claim

You don’t have to use their repair shops for your vehicle

★ You may be entitled to loss of value on your vehicle

Those are just a few areas where you may be missing out. Many adjusters don’t even know the law on these issues, especially regarding punitive damages.

Don’t miss out on what you can recover.  Remember that once you sign a release, the claim is dead: you get one bite at the time. Before you take that bite, contact us by clicking here or calling 919-348-4361 for a free consultation. We don’t take every case, and we only take those where we think we can help you do better with us than without us.

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