If you have been injured in a car wreck, do you need to hire an attorney?  The truth is, there’s not always a simple answer. If you have very little property damage and little or no medical treatment, then you may not need a lawyer. If you can’t reach a settlement on your own with the insurance adjuster, you may be able to take your case to small claims court. Be aware, however, that some insurance companies will hire defense lawyers to fight you even in a small claims case.

If you have significant property damage, and or you have injuries that require more than just an urgent care visit, there’s at least a reasonable chance that you will have a hard time resolving your case with an insurance adjuster. At the very least, you would probably benefit from consulting a personal injury attorney to determine how to protect your rights.

Most people simply cannot get a case through our court system, and almost no one could handle a jury trial by themselves.  This is because there are simply too may ways to get thrown out of court, and too many rules that you have to obey to avoid losing your whole claim on some technical point that the insurance company will exploit to rob you of your claim.

The award-winning personal injury lawyers at the Miller Law Group have decades of experience in handling personal injury cases, and our attorneys have taken cases to trial when necessary to get our clients the outcome they deserve. Not every case needs to go to trial, but some do. If you hire an attorney who doesn’t try cases, you’re taking a chance that they know what they’re doing; but why use a lawyer with no more trial experience than you have? Our lawyers will help you decide the best strategy to try and get you the best outcome. If that means a settlement, we’ll help you get there. If it means going to trial, we’re ready for that, too.  Contact the Miller Law Group today for a free consultation.  We’ve got your back.