When dealing with your personal injury claim, you need to be aware that North Carolina follows the law of contributory negligence.  Only three other states still follow this terribly unfair law.

Most states follow comparative negligence, which determines how much fault each party has for an injury: basically, if you’re 10% at fault for your injury, then you would be entitled to 90% of the recovery.

Under contributory negligence, if you are at fault AT ALL, then you may get NOTHING for your injury, even if the other person is over 99% at fault.  This is an unfair law, but our car accident lawyers know how to it.

Lawyers and even insurance adjusters from other states rarely understand contributory negligence, but more importantly, they rarely understand when and where it applies, which is entirely fact-specific. Contact one of the most trusted firms in the Southeastern U.S. for an evaluation of your case today, from lawyers who argue these cases in front of juries. Click here to contact us through our website, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a risk-free consultation.

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