You Need Information After a Car Accident: Our Lawyers Share What Insurance Companies Won’t

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After you’re in a car accident, you shouldn’t wonder about whether an insurance company is trying to take advantage of you.

Sadly, there’s really no reason to wonder: the insurance companies ARE trying to take advantage.

In fact, the law in North Carolina, and many other states, allows an insurance company to leave out critical details, and to mislead up right up to the very edge of committing fraud. And it’s completely legal.

That’s where the Miller Law Group steps in: to stop the misinformation.

Can you pick your own doctors? Is there a time limit to your claim? Can you pick the body shop you want for your car? Are you entitled to punitive damages against a drunk driver?

The answer to all those questions is: YES. But you’re not likely to get any of that from an insurance company until it’s too late, and your claim is either wiped out or permanently damaged.

Contact us for the facts. We don’t represent insurance companies, and our lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience in handling personal injury claims. Click here to use our website contact form or call us at 919-348-4361.

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