If you’ve been hurt in a truck collision, animal attack, motorcycle wreck, car accident, slip-and-fall, or have otherwise been hurt by someone’s else’s negligence, chances are you’re going to deal with an insurance company.

What you may not know is that insurance adjusters in North Carolina have a legal right to work AGAINST your best interests. In fact, they can and will be fired if they don’t work against you.

Insurance companies train their employees to send you to doctors who will try and push you through treatment too quickly, and to send you to mechanics who will repair your car too cheaply without using the parts you’re entitled to.

The adjusters are taught to push you to settle quickly, before you know the full potential for your injuries and possible need for future treatment. They definitely want to push you to settle before you talk to a lawyer and learn your rights.

When an adjuster says “well, I’m closing my file” they are trying to trick you into believing that they control how long you have to bring a claim: they don’t. That’s based on the statutes of limitations.

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