After a car wreck, you’re likely to talk to an insurance adjuster several times. You’ll talk to them about damage to your car, potential loss of value to your car, and your personal injury claim. You must be careful.

Adjusters are trained to sound like experts when they talk to you, so it sounds like when they make an offer, it’s the only reasonable thing to do. However, adjusters are working to save their companies money, and to try and minimize your claims, whether it’s for your car or your personal injury.

You never have to take their first offer, and you always have the ability to push back and negotiate. With your car, get other estimates for repair, talk to dealers about what the value was before the wreck, and go online to get information from the surrounding community about car prices. You can always try to negotiate your personal injury claim as well, but that can be much harder without a lawyer.

Adjusters know you can’t take a case through trial without a lawyer. But they also know that the award-winning personal injury lawyers of the Miller Law Group are some of the last attorneys willing to try a case, so they know you’re serious when they’re contacted by us. We’ll give you a free evaluation, and we’ll only take the case if we think you’re better off with us than without us. Contact us today or call 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.

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