When you’ve been in a car wreck, the police or highway patrol usually come to the scene.  However, they rarely arrest anyone. With car wrecks, even though someone may get a ticket, it’s extremely unusual that anyone goes to jail.  Unless someone is killed, the other driver is drunk, racing or driving at extremely high speeds, most traffic citations are considered to be “misdemeanors”. This means they are not considered (typically) to be as bad as a felony, and the punishment is usually much less than it would be for a felony, and often only involves a fine.

Attorneys who work for the government are the only lawyers who can put someone in jail.  However, since the government attorney IS working for the government, they can’t work for you directly, which means they can’t handle your personal injury claim. On the other hand, while our lawyers at the Miller Law Group are glad to help with your civil personal injury claim, we aren’t going to put anyone behind bars. However, our lawyers know how and when to work with the district attorneys and other authorities to preserve evidence, and see that defendants don’t slip through the cracks.

After a car wreck, the defendant’s insurance company will often contact you quickly to try and resolve your property damage claim. While we encourage people to handle their property damage claims themselves, we strongly encourage you to call a lawyer first and at least see what your options are. This is because once the insurance company starts working to repair your vehicle or even gets you a rental, they will typically send a letter to the district attorney saying that they are “negotiating to resolve” your damages, and they’ll ask to have the charges against the defendant dismissed.  That often works, and then a crucial piece of evidence is lost.

Our lawyers have spent over a half century of combined work in an effort to help our clients beat the insurance company. Don’t let the defendant’s company take advantage of you.  Contact us today for a free consultation. We’ve got your back.