Settling your personal injury claim without consulting a lawyer can seriously hurt yourself physically and financially. If you settle, you’re required to sign a “release”, which means that you can never again make a claim against the defendant or their insurance company.  Let’s say you’re near the end (you think) of your treatment, so you settle your claim, and sign a release.  However, two weeks later, your pain comes back worse than ever. Your doctor says you’re going to need a $25,000 surgery, and your health insurance doesn’t cover it. Now you are faced with whether to pay for the surgery out of pocket, or to not have it, and live with the pain. The insurance company and the defendant are completely off the hook for now, because you settled too quickly and without knowing your options.

With any personal injury claim, there’s an element of risk: the law does NOT require an insurance company to pay for what might happen, but only for what a doctor says will happen or is likely to happen.  If you have a re-injury of the injury you had from your car wreck, animal attack, or whatever caused your original injury, you may not be entitled to anything dealing with the second injury (however, you might: it’s very fact-specific.)

The only way to know what your options really are is to consult an experienced personal-injury attorney, and to do so sooner rather than later. Your health could be on the line, and so could your personal finances, if you have to pay for expensive medical procedures, after you missed out on having the defendant’s insurance company pay, all because you settled too quickly. At the Miller Law Group, our attorneys have handled thousands of personal injury claims, and have taken over 100 cases to trial.  Give us a call today for a free consultation.  We’ve got your back.


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