South Carolina whistleblowers who report Medicare and Medicaid fraud may be entitle to protection and a monetary award under the False Claims Act.

Columbia, S.C. lawyer Butch Bowers, together with W. Stacy Miller of Miller Law Group, fight to protect whistleblower rights under the federal False Claims Act.

The federal False Claims Act protects whistleblower from workplace retaliation and allows whistleblower to receive up to 30% of any recovery, and up to 25% of any recovery when the government intervenes in the case.

Lawsuits filed under the False Claims Act are filed under seal, meaning in secrete. False Claims Act lawsuits are referred to as qui tam complaints, and must be filed according to specific guidelines and requirements.  Failure to do so, could result in the loss of the whistleblower award.

Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud are the most common types of fraud actions involving the False Claims Act.  In 2018, the Department of Justice recovered $2.5 billion in healthcare fraud under the False Claims Act.

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