If you have a personal injury claim from someone else’s negligence, you may be facing long-term medical treatment and complications from those injuries.

The law allows you to recover for future medical bills, future lost income related to your injuries, and future pain and suffering caused by your injuries and the treatment for them.

However, you must also have a doctor who is prepared to state in a letter, a medical record, or under oath in an affidavit or a deposition, that the future problems are LIKELY to happen, and that more likely than not they are a result of the injuries you sustained.

This is true not matter whether you were injured in an animal attack, a trucking collision, a bicycle wreck, hurt as a pedestrian, or had a slip-and-fall injury.

This is why it’s so critical to consult with your doctors BEFORE you agree to anything suggested by an insurance company.

There are literally dozens of factors that can affect your ability to recover for future medical problems, and the adjusters won’t tell you all that information.

Often, the adjusters themselves don’t understand the complex issues raised by future treatment, and they don’t even try to understand the interplay between your future needs and your health insurance.

That’s where we come in. Our lawyers have handled all sorts of personal injury cases for over 50 years of combined practice. We’ve represented people all across North America, and we have both the experience and the network of experts and other top-notch lawyers to give you case the edge it needs to get you what you deserve, no matter where you were hurt.

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