Most people know texting and driving is dangerous, but statistics from private safety groups and government watchdogs show that it’s more dangerous than most people realize.

Texting and driving is seriously under-reported: nearly everyone knows it’s dangerous and (except in Montana) illegal, so they don’t admit to it. In fact, 95% of teens admit they know distracted driving is dangerous, yet a AAA poll found over 50% of teens admitted to reading a text or email WHILE DRIVING within the last 30 days.

Statistics prove texting while driving is more likely to cause serious car wrecks than drunk driving, because so many more people are texting than drinking.  Texting has become such a common feature of our culture, that people overlook the dangers it poses (texting while walking or riding a bicycle is just as dangerous.)

In North Carolina, Section 20-137.4A of the General Statutes makes it illegal for ANYONE to use a cell phone for texting or emailing while operating a motor vehicle. The law makes it a crime not only to SEND a text or email, but also to read a text or email while driving.

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