Most people never have a personal injury claim, so if you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, it’s okay if you have questions. You are not alone.

You must follows these 9 crucial tips whether you hire a lawyer or not:

Get all the information you can at the scene when you’re hurt: phone numbers, photos, contact information if the police are called, license plate numbers if it’s a car accident

✶ If you’re hurt, get treatment immediately; waiting can be bad for your claim, and worse for your health

✶ Throughout the process, your health should be your number one priority, not your claim

✶ Consult a lawyer immediately, whether you hire one or not: information is your best asset

Be careful with dealing with insurance adjusters: they are NOT on your side and are not required to negotiate in good faith

✶ Use your health insurance to pay for any treatment you get, but be aware you may have to pay something back to them at the end

✶ There can be income tax consequences from personal injury settlements and verdicts in some limited circumstances: consult a lawyer BEFORE you resolve the case

✶ There are time limitations on your claim: if you miss the deadline, your case is completely over, whether you recover anything or not

✶ Keep a personal file will all paperwork, copies of bills, names of doctors and clinics, anything that relates to the claim: you have to PROVE what happened and what’s related

Not every case needs a lawyer, but everyone needs facts and needs to understand their rights. Our firm is not a volume practice: unlike a lot of bigger firms, we don’t take every case that comes to us. We turn down a lot of cases, but if we can’t help, or we don’t think you need our representation, we’ll still give you the information you need to handle the case yourself.

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