In any car accident, you know you’ve got the defendant’s insurance company working against you. With a trucking collision, the other side doubles down: tractor trailer or other commercial fleet vehicles, have plans in place to turn the tables against you.

Trucking companies have safety directors, shift supervisors, fleet supervisors, and other personnel whose job it is to help the truck driver take over at the scene and make sure that the evidence is skewed in their favor, even before the police arrive.

The moment the wreck happens, the truck driver calls his company and takes time to make sure his paperwork is in order. Truckers are required to keep paperwork about their trips and cargo. If it’s not in order, it often disappears until it can be altered. If the officer investigating the scene is busy with injured people, like you, they may not get all the paperwork. Meanwhile, you’re trying to deal with your injuries and the damage to your car, while the other driver may be hiding, destroying, or altering evidence.

The trucker has a complete kit of materials to use at the scene. They have a camera for photos, and note paper to get the names and addresses of any witnesses.  They may even get written statements from witness before the officer arrives. The witness thinks the driver will turn their statement over to the police, so they leave. Sometimes the statements and contact information are turned over, and sometimes they are NOT.

The personal injury lawyers at the Miller Law Group have over 50 years of combined experience in handling trucking cases. We know the information to demand from the trucking companies, and we have a network of experts to use if the company tries to back out of taking responsibility. Plus, we’re one of the few firms that will still take cases to trial before a jury. Don’t let the trucking industry’s tactics cheat you of your claim. Contact us here or call 919-348-4361 for a free consultation.

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