If you’re hit by a tractor trailer, you almost certainly have a personal injury claim. The world of trucking has changed significantly over the last 30 years, and the lawyers at the Miller Law Group have monitored it closely. More regulations have come into play because the trucking industry became more focused on increasing profit from its drivers, and stop focusing on professionalism and safety. Sadly, the industry has ignored those regulations or pushed to have little enforcement of them. Our lawyers look for lots of information, but these nine things are key in most tractor-trailer collisions:

  • “Black box” data: the electronic control module (ECM) and other computer information can tell how fast a truck was going at impact, and other critical information;
  • Hours of service log: truckers, especially those that drive across state lines and national borders, are strictly regulated as to how many hours they can drive, and have to maintain log books;
  • Truck maintenance logs;
  • Corporate maintenance records;
  • Corporate safety policies and procedures;
  • Corporate hiring policies and procedures;
  • Corporate training policies and procedures;
  • Photographs of damage to and repair of the truck involved in the wreck;
  • GPS data and logs on the specific truck involved

There’s a lot more to get in these cases, but those nine items often hold a wealth of information about what the trucker and the company did wrong that led to your injuries. Our lawyers know how to make the companies preserve that information, how to get at the information and interpret it, and how to use it to help your claim. According to Stacy Miller, leader of our Personal Injury Practice Group, “trucking collisions are some of the most complicated personal injury claims, but our group knows how to get the information and use it for our clients.”

Don’t take a chance that you’ll miss out on key information. If you’ve been hit by a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, contact us today for a free consultation. Put our combined 50 years of experience to work for you. At the Miller Law Group, we’ve got your back.

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