If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, having it happen in rain or snow just seems like rubbing salt in the wound.

Still, if you can, it’s important to remember these tips to follow, if your injuries allow you do this at the scene:

✦  Get photos of the roadway: rain can wash away skid marks and other important features

✦  Get photos of the whole scene: strong storms can knock down trees and cause other features of the scene to change

✦  Get the names and contact information for witnesses; most folks don’t like sitting in the rain to wait when they weren’t involved in the wreck

✦  Get photos of the vehicles: if either vehicle is towed, it could easily end up sitting outside for days if a storm system passes through

If you’re hurt too badly to do this at the scene, it’s okay, but try to get as much information as you can as quickly as you can after you get medical treatment. It’s harder to do all of this during a storm, but remember it may all be critical to protecting your rights later.

Remember: if your case goes to trial, the jury wasn’t there, they didn’t see anything.  Photographs from immediately after the wreck are invaluable in showing a jury what happened.

Likewise, independent witnesses can provide unbiased information to help jurors determine what they should do.

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