If you were just in a car accident, following these steps can help protect you and your claim:

MAKE SURE YOU’RE SAFE.  If the car is smoking or on fire, GET OUT.

Check to make sure others are safe. Don’t move anyone unless they’re in danger.

Get names and contact information of any witnesses. They can be crucial later on.

Get photographs: vehicles involved, what the overall scene looks like, and weather.

Speak to the investigating officer at the scene. Get their contact information.

If you think you’re hurt, talk to the EMTs and ride the ambulance if necessary.

If you don’t need an ER, follow up with your doctor or an urgent care soon if you’re in pain.

Once the immediate issues are handled, contact an experienced car accident lawyer to learn your rights. You can start your property damage claim and set up a rental car if you need to, but don’t go into a lot of detail about your injuries yet with an adjuster.

Taking just these few steps can help put your claim on the right track immediately.

At the Miller Law Group, our attorneys have handled thousands of personal injury claims, including car accidents, trucking collisions, and motorcycle wrecks. We only take the cases where we think we can help you do better with us than without us. We’ll provide pointers to help you handle your property damage claim yourself so you can get back on the road quickly, and we’ll handle the rest of the claim for you. We only get paid if we get you a recovery.

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