Each insurance adjuster sees hundreds, sometimes thousands, of car accident cases each year.

They have enormous amounts of information from their own company, and others, as to what cases have settled for, and what verdicts juries have returned.

How is your case supposed to stand out so that the adjuster thinks your case is worth more than others?

The truth is, there’s no simple formula, and no guarantees. There are some ways, however to give yourself the best chance to get a good recovery.

While hiring a lawyer is no promise of success, it gives you a significant edge over other claimants.

Adjusters know that someone who’s not a lawyer simply has no chance of navigating the court system: it’s too easy for their lawyers to get your case thrown out of court.

Hiring a lawyer who’s prepared to try a case gives you the best chance to stand out from all the other claimants.

At the Miller Law Firm, our lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience, and have taken over 100 trails all the way to verdict in front of juries. No lawyer can promise you a result, but our lawyers promise to work hard on your case, to prepare diligently, and to keep you informed. We aren’t a volume firm, and we don’t take every case. That way we give your case the attention it deserves.

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