Award-winning personal injury lawyers of the Miller Law Group attribute their success to creative strategies and meticulous preparation. Whether it is a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident, or other type of personal injury case, one of Miller Law Group’s favorite tools for preparation is a focus group.

Since a jury may ultimately decide the outcome your case, we let juries tell us what to do and how to frame our cases. Miller Law Group regularly uses focus groups to help shape winning strategies.  “Focus groups allow us to take the guess work out of it,” say Stacy Miller.

Miller Law Group has dedicated a lot of time and energy to become proficient in the art of focus groups.  We focus all of our cases before we begin litigation, even those cases where liability is clear.

Preparation is the key to success.  When you couple experience with preparation, you increase your chances of success dramatically.  Miller Law Group has over 50 years of combined experience, and has recovered over 150 million in verdicts and settlements.

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