Brain injuries are some of the most terrifying injuries from car accidents. They can be immediately obvious, or they can a long time to diagnose.

Here are some things to watch for if you or someone you know has had a head injury in a car accident or trucking collision:

⦿  Changes in appetite, either greater or lesser, can indicate a concussion

⦿  Light sensitivity can also indicate a concussion or other brain injury

⦿  Sudden, unexplained mood swings can indicate a brain injury

⦿  Changes in body temperature, vision, or hearing, can all potentially suggest brain injury

⦿  The sudden onset of forgetfulness or confusion is often suggestive of a brain injury

It’s critical if you or a loved one has had a head injury to be on the lookout for these or other physical or behavioral changes, which can suggest a brain injury. Remember: a concussion is a type of brain injury. While there is no need for panic, even minor brain injuries should be taken seriously and appropriately treated with the advice of a physician. Likewise, brain injury claims can be quite complicated, and you need a lawyer with experience in handling them.

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