How Long Will I Need Treatment for My Personal Injury Claim? Our Top-Rated Lawyers Answer Your Questions

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If you’re injured by someone else’s negligence, you likely will have a personal injury claim against them.

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However, your more important concern is getting the treatment you need to get better. Your first step, or second if you’ve already been to the ER or an urgent care, is to your family doctor, or to any specialist that you may have been referred to by the ER.

Everyone is different, of course, but your doctors often have some idea of how long you will need to get treatment. The vast majority of people don’t need more than a few months’ of treatment before they are able to get on with their lives. Even then, there may be some pain that they did not have before, but it is typically not something that more treatment will help.

For some people, however, finding the exact problem can be difficult. Even then, after different tests and treatments identify the issue, some problems can’t be fixed. Whether the problem is injuries inflicted by an animal attack, being hit by an 80,000 pound tractor-trailer, or shattering a leg bone after stepping through bad flooring, the injury can be devastating, and the treatment may be life-long.

The key to understanding your treatment should not come from a lawyer.  Talk to your doctors to get that information. We are here to explain what the legal issues are surrounding that treatment, but we have to rely on your medical providers to provide us information as well.

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