Raleigh’s Car Accident Law Firm Stands Up the Trucking Industry

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In 2018 alone, over 4,100 people died in wreck with large trucks. Only 16% of those people were in the trucks.  The other EIGHTY-FOUR PERCENT OF DEATHS were in passenger vehicles like cars and SUVs, as well as pedestrians and people on bicycles and motorcycles.

These deaths are on the rise (that was the most since 2009). Even the trucking industry’s allies, the insurance companies, can’t suppress all the data.

With so many fatalities (over 11 EACH DAY) the truck drivers, their companies, and their insurance are all working to put the blame on the injured and the dead, rather than take responsibility.

Why would trucking and insurance companies try to evade responsibility for death and terrible injury?  One simple word: PROFIT. They are prepared to sacrifice innocent drivers and passengers to protect the companies’ own bottom lines.

At the Miller Law Group, we know that’s not fair. It’s not the sort of blame-shifting disregard for safety and justice that our country was founded on.

So we push back. With focus groups, a coast-to-coast network of experts, and over 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers stand up for you.

If you or a loved one have been injured, or if your family has been struck with the tragedy of a death caused by a big truck or other commercial vehicle, contact us today by clicking here, or by calling us at 919-348-4361.

We’ll only take the case if we really think we can help, but if we can, then we’ll have your back all the way through.

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