Despite the continued epidemic of drunk driving fatalities and collisions, the insurance industry continues to fight innocent victims of drunk driving.

Insurance companies often fail to provide you with accurate information about whether you can recover punitive damages at all, whether you can recover punitive damages for damage to your vehicle in addition to such damages for your personal injuries, and what the actual statute of limitations is and how it affects your claim.

That’s where the Miller Law Group steps in.

We know the questions to ask and the information to gather. Our firm uses cutting-edge techniques, including:

  1. Satellite technology to investigate collision scenes and traffic patterns;
  2. Top-tier experts from across the country to assess and support your case;
  3. Working together with District Attorneys to make sure drunk drivers are prosecuted AND that they turn over information which can help your case;
  4. Investigating sources of alcohol to determine if you have a dram shop claim;
  5. Fast notice to witnesses and potential defendants for preservation of evidence;
  6. Using focus groups to learn what’s most important to potential jurors BEFORE a trial

These are just some of the tools our firm uses to give your case the edge you need to fight the insurance industry.

Our firm sees drunk driving injuries as a severe threat to drivers on our highways, and we take these claims seriously. We will always work for our clients’ best interests, including negotiating a settlement if that’s what best for the client. However, the Miller Law Group starts preparing for trial as soon as you finish signing our contract. From the beginning, we’re ready to go the distance for you and your claim.

Contact us through our website here, or call us at 919-348-4361 for a free consultation. Let us help you fight back.

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