If you’re hurt in a car accident, motorcycle collision, or bicycle wreck, you probably aren’t thinking, “what’s a focus group?”

You’ve got plenty of other things on your mind, from treatment to car repair.

But our firm has a long history of using focus groups to get better results for our clients. So we’ve already got your back.

A focus group is simply a group of people chosen from local voter registration lists. We use those lists because they’re public record, AND because those are the same lists that the clerk of court uses to summon people for jury duty.

That way, the people we talk to in a focus group have similar jobs and backgrounds, and live in the same areas as the people who will be on your jury if you case goes to trial.

We give them information about your case, let them talk, and we LISTEN. We want to know what they think is important.  That way, when an adjuster give us a ridiculous argument trying to minimize your case value, we’ve got the information we need to fight back.

Not every case needs a lawyer, and not every case goes to court. But we start out getting ready to fight for your case through to verdict. The insurance industry knows we aren’t the “settlement guys.” We’re the “trial lawyers who do what it takes to get the results.”  If you think it doesn’t make a difference, just listen to our clients on our review page.

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Using Focus Groups and Experts Together

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