After someone runs a light and hits you, things happen fast and questions arise fast.

If you’re hurt, you may need to go to an ER or urgent care.  If you know you’re badly hurt, let EMS take you to the ER.

You can and should pick your own doctors, starting with your own primary care doctor and or whomever the ER refers you to see.

If you have health insurance, use that to pay for your treatment.

Don’t give the defendant’s insurance company a recorded statement: be careful what you tell them.

Go ahead and get your rental vehicle set up and get your property damage claim going.

Intersection collisions like this are often denied by the insurance carrier right off the bat. Go ahead and get the treatment you need, and, if you have collision coverage on your car, go ahead and get that claim going. Your own insurance company can subrogate against the other driver’s company later, and you will have minimal or no involvement in that.

Contributory negligence is a North Carolina law that only a handful of jurisdictions still follow.  But adjusters here will often rely on it to try and get you to abandon your claim. However, our lawyers now how to evaluate claims where the adjuster claims you contributed to your own injuries, and we know whether this law applies, and if so, we know how we can sometimes beat it.

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Getting Rental After a Car Accident

Starting Your Property Damage

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