Working has its risks, but many can be avoided. Noticing hazards before they have the chance to catch you off guard can prevent accidents from taking place.

How can you prevent accidents on the job?

Start by staying alert. Look around when you get to work and make sure there are no obvious hazards. If there are, report them immediately, so they can be taken care of by your employer. In many cases, accidents happen because of simple hazards that can be removed or repaired before an accident can happen.

Does wearing a uniform help prevent accidents?

Absolutely, if it’s required. Steel-toe boots protect toes from being amputated or crushed, and wearing tightly-fitting clothing can prevent it from getting caught in machinery. Safety gear, e.g., brightly colored vests, helps you stand out, and protective gear, like helmets, prevents falling items from causing head injuries.

What kinds of things can employers do to encourage safety?

The best-run corporations foster an environment of safety for all employees. Employers should always run safety drills to make sure workers know what to do in case of an emergency. The focus should be on safety training and making sure that anyone working with equipment is trained to do so properly.

Employees working with or near heavy machinery should know where the fail-safes and emergency stops are located so they can stop the machinery in an emergency.

Your safety is important, and if your employer doesn’t take it seriously, you have the right to speak up. If you are hurt, you should be able to seek workers’ compensation.